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Skype is stronger than FaceTime with group calls of up to 50 people


Posted: April 8, 2019
Updated: April 7, 2019

by Steve

The strength of the FaceTime applicationApple, it is not only to be able to speak live live and with picture and sound to the other party, it is also to be able to speak to several people at the same time thanks to its group calls up to 32 people. So if you are a big fan of video conferences or have a huge group of friends in which everyone has a iPhone or one Macis great happiness. But perhaps today you would like to do without Apple to do it. Because Skype, the famous messaging application, has been doing better recently: up to 50 people simultaneously can chat at the same time.

skype visio conference gratuit 3 - Skype is stronger than FaceTime with its group calls up to 50 people

Before the update, the limit was 25 people. An already large sum, but which made gray mine faceTime. But today, the latter application turns out to be overwritten, pending a new update by Apple. Skype thus establishes itself as the useful application for group calls and thus exceeds WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or Instagram. Skype thus competes with professional calling solutions such as Zoom, which can support up to 1000 participants depending on the subscription!

Calling up to 50 people at the same time on Skype is available today with the latest version of the application, whether on computer or mobile. To you the delusions between (many) friends!