Skype in Facebook Messenger?

Skype in Facebook Messenger?

This moves from the side of the Facebook Messenger application. If we crot the site iPhoneItalia, a next version of the application may soon be available and will be equipped with the video conferencing functionality developed by Skype.

When Facebook Messenger arrived last August, clues had already rvl the beginnings of integrating a videoconference functionality. This is something – almost – done since we learn today that the famous social network is about to launch a new version of its application with the support of video conferencing set up by its partner Skype. According to the site iPhoneItalia, tests are currently underway and the arrival of this update is expected very soon.

Interoperability between platforms?

The advantage of Skype's presence on Facebook is that it can reach as many people as possible, in a multi-platform way. It will be interesting to see if the integration of the video conferencing functionality in the iOS application will allow you to be able to contact another member of the social network, despite being on a platform competing with that of Apple. At least, that’s what it should likely happen so that functionality can reveal its full benefit.

Recall that the classic web version of Facebook already allows you to communicate via video conference with Skype integration.

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(Via iPhone Italia )

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