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Skype: how to record your calls?

Keep your Skype conversations and come back to them whenever you want…

Image 1: Skype: how to record your calls?

Do you have meetings on Skype but don’t necessarily have time to write everything down? Note that you have the possibility of recording all your audio or video calls via this platform.

Recording your Skype call allows you to watch or listen to it again at any time. Better: it is possible to record a video or audio podcast with remote speakers.

To do this, first make sure to download the latest version of Skype. During the installation, Skype will ask you to confirm whether you want to record your conversation or not, without asking the authorization of the other party. We recommend that you always ask your contact’s permission before recording.

Five steps are enough to easily activate and listen to your Skype recordings.

Step 1 : make a call (audio or video) with your Skype contact (s).

Image 2: Skype: how to record your calls?

2nd step : click on the “+” icon in the lower right corner then select “Start recording”. A red dot and a message will appear at the top of the window to remind you that the recording is in progress and that you must inform your contact that you are recording.

Image 3: Skype: how to record your calls?

Step 3: once the call is finished, hang up or press the “+” icon again and select “Stop recording”. The registration will then be processed.

Step 4: to replay the recording, go to the chat window and click on the “Other options” icon associated with your call. Please note: the backup is temporary, you will have one month from the end of the call to save it.

Image 4: Skype: how to record your calls?

Step 5: choose the option “Save for Downloads”. Your conversation is saved on your computer in the Downloads file.

Note that the recording function built into the Skype app records the video and audio of all participants in the same file.

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