Skyfire is available on the App Store: we already have it tested!

Skyfire is available on the App Store: we already have it tested!

Skyfire, the new Safari Mobile alternative for iPhone, has just been made available on the App Store. As a reminder, this new mobile Internet explorer makes it possible to read Flash content by an ingenious process which consists of sending video animation to Skyfire's servers and then being rendered in H.264 format and therefore fully iOS compatible! We’ve already tested the app for a few minutes, here is our report.

When you start Skyfire for iOS for the first time, you will certainly be eager to test the playback of a Flash video in this new explorer. The result is as follows, you must wait a certain time (about 30 seconds) before the video is finally restored in H.264 format. This delay is relatively important and ultimately leads to launching the video directly via the YouTube application originally integrated into iOS.

It is then that Skyfire turns out to be interesting in the sense that it offers the possibility of browsing in iPhone or deskop format. Understand by that that the desktop format will make a traditional web display while the iPhone format is fully compatible with websites in mobile version, such as Beligium-iPhone (see above).

The new browser also allows you to navigate “privately”. This means that during your browsing, the websites visited will not be retained in the history, as well as the data entered in any input fields (search engine, login and password to enter a site. web, etc.).

Finally, the application allows, among other things, to save bookmarks, to share a visited website by e-mail, Facebook (a Quickview option is also available) and Twitter.

Skyfire for iOS proves to be an interesting Safari alternative in the sense that it does indeed support Flash videos but still requires a certain period of time to view them. Note that we tried to play a Vimeo video, it is not supported yet! The interesting side of the application lies for the moment, in our opinion, essentially, because of these private browsing features, the choice of two formats offered, and the sharing of site through the two main social networks.

Skyfire is unfortunately not free, you will have to pay 2.39 if you wish to take advantage of it, which is relatively high price

Download Skyfire Web Browser on the App Store.

Update 10:30 p.m.: The application seems to have been removed from the App Store.

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