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Sky Map

Sky Map is a serious and stable application, rich in tools and functionalities. With children or to impress her friends, she gives access to the sky and its stars. Free and easy to access, it is easy to handle by young and old!

Sky Map, for whom and for what?

Sky Map, originally published under the name of Google Sky Map, is a free open source Android application. Support of cartography, it also makes it possible to discover the stars differently.

Nebulae, stars, star systems, the user can discover the stars that make up the sky at his convenience thanks to a multitude of tools offered by this application. To do this, she uses augmented reality, just point her phone in the sky to see the stars on her phone.

Observation tools

Star selection has never been easier thanks to its selective filters and distinctive colors. Its search tool also makes it possible to search for a star or part of the sky, according to the desires of each.

In addition, the “Time Travel” feature combines with a date of your choice to display the stars, past, present and future! The “Gallery” tab also allows you to select a star (star, planet, nebula …) and display the part of the sky in which it is present.

The user will be able to keep a memory of his observations thanks to the image capture tool, instinctive and stable. Day or night, it offers a discovery of the sky above our heads, which will delight young and old.

Its grip

Fluid application, it requires a gyroscope and a GPS to function optimally. For the less fortunate, it adapts to older devices thanks to its search tool.

Sky Map for Android offers a range of functionalities that are as interactive as they are pleasant. Free, translated into French and easy to learn, the application lacks follow-up to the observations.

For the most curious, it is advisable to then head to a research platform to learn more about the stars that shine above our heads …