skin print, robotic arm, GTA 5 mod, Mad Max

This week, we suggest two high-tech videos. The first presents an organic printing technology, making it possible to create skin. The second presents a new interface allowing fluid control of a robotic arm.

On the video games side, the first extract focuses on the first beta version of the ENBSeries mod for GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) on PC, allowing you to make some aesthetic modifications to the Rockstar open world game. The second extract highlights the scenario of the video game Mad Max, currently in development at Avalanche Studios and scheduled to be released in September 2015.

With that, happy Sunday and good viewing.

Organovo presents its organic printing technology

Skin printing process by Organovo.

A thought-controlled robotic arm

Presentation of a new interface allowing fluid control of a robotic arm.

GTA 5 PC: first beta of the ENBSeries mod

Here is a first video of the public beta of ENBSeries for GTA 5 PC, allowing to modify the visual rendering of the game.

Mad Max: story video

Here is a trailer for the video game Mad Max which focuses on the scenario based on the first three films of George Miller.