Six years later, you can download the ISO of Windows 7

Six years later, you can download the ISO of Windows 7

Image 1: Six years later, you can download the ISO of Windows 7

Yes Windows 7 was released in 2009, until now it was not possible to recover its Installation ISO. The problem is that it is sometimes necessary to replace the entire system from the original DVD or a USB installation key. However, most manufacturers no longer deliver the original DVD, and are content with a recovery partition on the machine. And since this partition requires a lot of space, many users tend to delete it. And let’s not talk about the possible restoration DVD delivered by the manufacturer, which is lost from the first days of use.

So how to recover ISO from Windows 7 legally? Good news: Microsoft finally offers this famous Windows 7 ISO image at download. To recover free this large file, simply enter your serial number on the official Microsoft site, and voila. Note in passing that ISO is available in several languages, including French. All you have to do is burn it to a DVD or save it to a USB key, using Microsoft’s Windows 7 USB DVD download tool, or Rufus software.

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A good initiative, which certainly comes a little late, but which should save users in case of big bugs on the PC. Recall in passing that Windows 7 is currently the most widespread system in the world on computers, with almost 56% of users (source: It is hoped that Microsoft will offer such support in a few months, when Windows 10 is released, and will not wait several years before delivering an ISO of its new operating system.