Siri: Reporter Without Borders reveals censorship in Syria

Siri: Reporter Without Borders reveals censorship in Syria

To denounce the Syrian government’s censorship of journalists and demonstrators, Reporters Without Borders released a video showing a travesty of Apple’s voice assistant, Siri.

In its latest communications campaign, Reporter sans Frontire used the use of an iPhone 4S in a rather subtle way. Indeed, the NGO had the idea of ​​parodying the use of Siri, a feature integrated into Apple’s smartphone, to denounce the censorship of the Syrian government not only against journalists but also towards its people.

The video published recently is inspired by scenes from the use of Siri but which provides here answers not always relevant and often skewed, to evoke the fight of the NGO: freedom of the press.

So the first question Where is the Damascus situation this morning? functionality responds I am not allowed to answer your question, Samir . She even adds the following question I will forward your number to the security service, Samir. In short, it is impossible to get an answer.

When asking Siri what information is available on this subject, the only answer given is the weather: “The weather is fine Damascus, 25C, slightly cloudy”. In short, everything seems to be going well in this country…

The last campaign of Reporter without Frontire is therefore finally a simple realization with a judicious use of Siri to send a message and this, with a certain impact. Proof is that this video goes around the web!

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In another register, Amnesty International had also recently used the use of an iPhone to send messages (see here and l).

The video of Reporter without Frontire: