Siri ready to play Spotify on iPhone, HomePod, Apple TV, ...

Siri ready to play Spotify on iPhone, HomePod, Apple TV, …

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spotify ae music and podcasts icone ipa ipad iphone appIf you have a Spotify subscription, you certainly know how frustrating users of the streaming service are on iPhone, iPod, iPad and other HomePods. Spotify can not be piloted by Siri, and therefore by your voice. For the moment, only Apple Music benefits.

iOS 13 led the way with SiriKit update to support music streaming, which includes deep integration of apps like Spotify, Deezer or TuneIn Radio for example. Well according to The Information, Spotify is currently developing a new part of the app, while chatting with Apple. The idea is that its users can play songs or playlists without touching the iPhone, the HomePod, the Apple TV or other AirPods.

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Siri: a way of reconciliation between Spotify and Apple?

Apple would seek to reduce the tensions between the two companies, especially since Spotify has attacked the apple for monopoly on the App Store with the line of sight 30% commission. The Swedish also puts in the balance the fact of not being able to redirect a user directly to a subscription page within the app, except that of Apple obviously.

In any case, this feature is very much requested by the customers of both brands, we also had a tutorial to use Spotify on the HomePod.

Are you for a relief of the situation with this integration of Spotify within the operating systems of Apple? Mrs Carplay with Carplay, it would be cool to be able to say: Say Siri, play my XXX playlist on Spotify. No ?

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