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Siri on the iPhone 6S: Apple’s advertising in real life…

parodie pub apple siri - Siri sur l

parodie pub apple siri - Siri sur l


Posted: June 28 2016
Updated: June 28, 2016

by Youssouf

In early May, Apple released a promotional video for the iPhone 6s with the participation of Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson, in the series How I met your mother). The 30-second spot highlights Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. Does it perform as well as Apple makes us believe in this advertisement? Not so sure…

Apple Siri ad parody - Siri on the iPhone 6S: Apple's advertising in real life ...

In the Apple ad, the star of the series How I met your mother repeats his acceptance speech in front of a mirror. At the same time, he asks Siri to read the same speech he recorded in the notebook of his iPhone 6s. What the voice assistant does to perfection!

To do the same thing as in Apple’s ad, the guys at Studio Jimber Jam decided to create a spoof video. And as much to say that things are not going as well as they would have hoped! Indeed in the parody, the protagonist also stands in front of the mirror with a hairbrush in his hand and asks Siri to remind him of his acceptance speech.

Unfortunately, Siri is unable to do so. The wizard first asks to unlock the phone, then says it can’t find the right app and offers a download from the App Store. Enough to drive the man crazy in the video!