Siri has broken down in the United States

Siri has broken down in the United States

Siri, the personal assistant that came with every iPhone 4S, broke down for three hours.

A first server failure allowing Siri to process the data you submit to it affected all of the United States this Thursday at the end of the day.

Different types of error messages were then sent to people wishing to use Siri such as: "My mind is going away … .. I can feel it, I can feel it" (reply from 2001 the Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick), or “There is something wrong, and I cannot answer your question at the moment. Please try again later. ”

The problem only affected the United States and not all of the countries using Siri in English. It should not be forgotten that Siri was present at the Special Event last October 4 as a beta version. Its improvement is therefore expected over time and its functionalities and proposed responses are enriched over time.

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