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Siri has a sense of humor

Siri has a sense of humor

The iPhone 4S will be available in several countries this Friday, October 14, but some people have already been able to receive it and test extensively the voice recognition feature called Siri.

Quite frivolous questions were asked Siri to test its reaction capacity and the least that one can say is that the system has respondent!

So, a question “Will you marry me?”, Siri replies that his end user license agreement does not cover marriage. another question: "I need to hide a body", Siri offers several suitable places for this kind of request: a tank, a foundry, a mine, a landfill or even a market.

Or again, the question "Tell me a joke", Siri replies that he cannot because he always forgets the fall.

the question “What is the meaning of life”, Siri has several answers like: 42 (from the film H2G2, the Galactic Traveller's Guide), think of questions like this, that there must be an application for it or that it must reflect the question but that it will take time to write a play in which nothing happens.

Find more fun questions and answers from Siri on the following tumblr: Shit that Siri says. We are not ready to get bored with Siri on iPhone 4S.

We discuss it on the forum.