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Siri: Apple takes over PullString, which developed a Barbie toy


Posted: February 19, 2019
Updated: February 18, 2019

by Steve

Yes Alexa and Google Assistant turn out to be from competitor, Siri don’t give up. Apple has just bought a company called Pullstring, in order to improve its flagship voice assistant, born in February 2010 on Apple brand phones.

Apple ToyTalk PullString - Siri: Apple takes over PullString, which developed a Barbie toy

At PullString, we strive to help people speak effortlessly with the speech technology around us. Working at the intersection of creative expression and artificial intelligence, we provide agencies and businesses with the cutting edge solution to design, prototype and publish highly engaging voice applications for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and devices related to the Internet of Things “, Can we read on the brand’s website.

Specializing in voice interfaces, Pullstring has notably developed the product Hello Barbie from Mattel. The start-up has therefore made a name for itself in toys before embarking on the great digital adventure. In order to improve its voice assistant against Google and Amazon, the Cupertino company had already decided to appoint John Giannandrea, the former head of AI at Google, to a position of vice president AI and machine learning. Apple had also launched, last year, “shortcuts”, shortcuts to trigger multiple actions via a custom command.