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Siri: Apple is working in an offline mode


Posted: November 20 2018
Updated: November 20, 2018

by David

To make a request to Siri, you must be connected to the Internet for Apple’s voice assistant to respond. However, theiPhone could manage on its own to meet certain fairly simple uses: this is the subject of a new patent filed by Apple. The Cupertino company would like to develop a system that allows Siri to operate in offline.

The new patent filed by Apple would allow Siri users to have access to certain actions, without being connected to the Internet. For this, the American firm images a system dividing the voice assistant into two parts: a part based on the device and another on the dedicated servers.

Siri Animations - Siri: Apple is working in an offline mode

Regarding the current operation of Siri, it consists in sending the collected data to Apple’s servers, converting the audio into plain text, then sending the result back to the iOS device.

An offline Siri version could be very useful for users to save them precious time. However, you should know that this is only a patent. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the brand will actually create such a version of Siri. Apple therefore continues its efforts to improve its voice assistant and thus compete with the tools offered by Google and Alexa.