Siri: Apple is looking for an employee to monitor Siri’s blunders

Siri Animations - Siri : Apple rachète Laserlike, spécialisé dans l’intelligence artificielle


Posted: March 6 2019
Updated: March 5, 2019

by Steve

Siri sometimes has a little trouble understanding everything. Like any voice assistant, you say. But hey, sometimes, there is nothing more annoying to see his favorite artificial fart a cable when one expresses only a simple request to him, like ” What is the route to get to the editorial office of World is Small? ” And if you ask him ” Hey Siri, what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning? », It is on the contrary very apt to show you a way, as we can see in the screenshot below, found on Twitter.

twitter siri - Siri: Apple is looking for an employee to monitor Siri's blunders

So if it amuses some of you, it doesn’t make the Apple brand laugh at all. The Cupertino company even indicated that it was looking for an engineering director, whose position would be, among other things, “ watch what the world says about Siri ” In other words, the screenshot posted above should go back to the lucky one.

At the slightest mistake from Siri, this engineering director will have to rush to notice it and have it corrected. The employee will also have to ensure Apple’s marketing campaigns around the voice assistant Siri. That way, he can respond live to the latest viral events. Internalizing the discovery of bugs and problems is good news for Apple : this will prevent the American company from having to rely on its customers, among whom a 14-year-old adolescent, for example, found the flaw in FaceTime by himself.

Siri Animations - Siri: Apple seeks employee to monitor Siri blunders