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Siri: Apple buys Laserlike, specialized in artificial intelligence


Posted: March 18 2019
Updated: March 17, 2019

by Steve

Difficult to miss this event buyout. The apple brand, in its objective to offer a voice assistant (Siri) always more competent, has in fact just acquired a start-up specializing in machine learning, namely Laserlike, created within the Silicon Valley 4 years ago.

Siri Animations - Siri: Apple buys Laserlike, specialized in artificial intelligence

The Cupertino company continues to show its intentions regarding the development of Siri. Laserlike specializes in providing information with high added value in all areas of expertise. The company had also deployed a search engine application, which made it possible to analyze news, videos and links in relation to a particular theme. Unfortunately, the application no longer exists.

With this buyout, Apple will be able to catch up “a lot of delay, because the weakness of Siri is that it is more entertainment than useful automation,” says Holger Mueller, an expert from the research firm Constellation Research, in an article on the website The Information. It is certain that the acquisition of Laserlike will benefit the teams of Tim Cook and in particular those of John Giannandrea, head of the artificial department of Apple. To see how the employees of Laserlike will succeed in improving Siri and its sometimes … strange responses.