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Siri: a major innovation approaching?

Siri ios 1024x535 - Siri : une importante innovation en approche ?

Siri ios 1024x535 - Siri : une importante innovation en approche ?


Posted: May 30, 2016
Updated: May 30, 2016

by benjamin

Although Siri, the voice assistant of the firm with the apple, already benefits from several interesting technologies, this is not enough to place it in a comfortable position compared to its competitors. Apple would therefore have planned to get ahead of them and is currently preparing a new innovative artificial system.

Siri ios 1024x535 - Siri: a major innovation approaching?According to the information disclosed by Tech Insider, this innovation would be related to the takeover of the British company VocalIQ last year. Specialized in the development of voice human-machine interfaces, this start-up would have designed a technology that would improve Siri’s ability to understand natural language and therefore allow it to respond to different requests, even the most complex.

Indeed, even before its takeover, VocalIQ already had in its possession various very interesting technologies in terms of artificial intelligence. Integrated into the virtual assistant of the Cupertino company, they will be able to bring to Siri many amazing capacities which can only delight users. Although this information is still a rumor for the moment, it could be true. We will certainly know more about this subject at the time of WWDC 2016 which will start from June 13th.