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Simfy: music streaming on your iDevice arrives in Belgium

Simfy: music streaming on your iDevice arrives in Belgium

According to our information, the site will open in a few days. Simfy will offer the possibility to listen to music streaming from its website but also through an iPhone and iPad application.

Launched in May 2010, Simfy presents itself as the largest online music provider in Germany. He proposes more than 13 million pieces Lcoute, all genres combined: pop lind, metal and classical music. the difference from We7, which offers unlimited free access to its internet radios but restricts demand costs to 50 songs per month, Simfy says that its streaming offer will be absolutely not limited quantitatively, even in its free version. Advertising sequences of fifteen and thirty seconds will intersect the streaming every three or four songs. Simfy does not plan to include audio ads until September or even October. The paid version of the service will be ad-free and will also allow listening demand on an iPhone or iPad.

See you in a few days to discover this new service in Belgium and in the meantime, don't hesitate to register on the Simfy website to be among the first people to receive their access code.

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