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SimCity Mac: August 29 release

simcity mac sortie - SimCity Mac : sortie le 29 août

simcity mac sortie - SimCity Mac : sortie le 29 août

The famous publisher Electronic Arts just announced that the release date on Mac of its flagship game SimCity was set for August 29, 2013.

As a reminder, SimCity is a management game in which you embody the mayor of a city and you have full power over its construction and development. The game gives you the opportunity to imagine your ideal city and offers you to build it despite the concerns of pollution, fires or crime. When you play online, the game allows you to establish relationships between the different cities created by the players.

simcity mac release - SimCity Mac: release August 29

In addition, this version Mac will be compatible with that for PC, which means that you can join parts of these two BONE indifferently. To justify this delay in Mac output (which was scheduled for June), Electronic Arts declares: “We wanted to make sure that the Mac is a great experience for our players and that’s why we’re taking more time. “

Finally, be aware that if you have the version PC on the Origin platform, SimCity will be offered to you on Mac.