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SilverShield: the anti-wave case for iPhone!

SilverShield: the anti-wave case for iPhone!

The SilverShield case has been designed to allow iPhone users to protect themselves from troubles related to airwaves, thanks to a patented fabric.

Many people fear the heavy use of a mobile phone due to electromagnetic field disturbance. It is from this observation that a young French company has developed the SilverShield case which has the particularity of protecting both your iPhone and your health thanks to a patented fabric and tested by a specialized laboratory.

Interview with Jean-Brice Bexon, responsible for SilverShield for Belgium.

Belgium-iPhone: How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating the SilverShield case?

Jean-Brice Bexon: In France and in other countries there has been a growing concern about GSM waves, especially since the WHO raised concerns about cancer risks. As the use of smartphones becomes more widespread, we wanted to find a solution to tell people "use your phone as much as necessary, but do it without worrying about your health". Hence this idea of ​​a cover that protects both the iPhone and health.

BiP: In practice, how does it protect?

JBB: It's very simple. The fabric that serves as a microwave shield is in the flap. So to be protected, just call with the flap closed: The iPhone receives and puts normally, but the passage of waves to the head is blocked. We therefore keep the call quality, while protected.

BiP: Does it really protect from all waves?

JBB: Indeed. The anti-wave shielding capacity has been tested by the Emitech laboratory. The results prove the exceptional effectiveness of SilverShield protection in the 3 types of frequencies used in mobile telephony. The SAR tests were carried out according to the European standard.

BiP: French manufacturing?

JBB: It is important to emphasize that the anti-wave fabric is developed and manufactured by a French company which relies on 25 years of know-how in technical protective fabrics. It is a guarantee of constant quality.

BiP: How much is the SilverShield case and where to find it in Belgium?

JBB: We are just starting to market the SilverShield case in Belgium. Today you can find it in Brussels for example at Arwac, rue Amricaine or at Allo M&M chausse d'Ixelles. Other sales outlets also offer it elsewhere in Belgium. The generally observed sale price is 39.9. For more information, contact

SilverShield website.

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