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Significant spending on Google Play Store: how to control it?

Do you often lend your smartphone to your child? Learn how to prevent it from shopping on your Google Play account.

Google Play Store bill outside plan

The appstore is a real gold mine for the curious. Whether you need an app, want to play, watch a movie, or listen to music, the choice is great as is the risk of spending more money than expected. There are safeguards to prevent you or your children from going into the red.

How to prevent your kids from spending money on Google Play?

The first solution is to avoid linking a bank card or any other payment method to your Google account. Indeed, Play Store will frequently revive you so that you can add more. Most often when you try to download an application (sometimes free). But it is possible to ignore the request by pressing the button at the bottom right Ignore. These marketing techniques called dark pattern are designed to get you to spend money.

From the Play Store payment method screen, you can find the payment methods that you previously linked to your account … but not delete them. To do this, go to the “Payment methods” page of your Google Account.

Authentication as a control

If you need to have a payment method, for example a Google Drive storage extension, a second solution is to require authentication for purchases. Thus, you will need to type your password to validate each purchase. To activate this feature, from the Google Play app on your smartphone, click on the menu in the upper right:

google play store invoice menu

Then click on Settings :

application invoice settings

Then on Require authentication for purchases :

Android application purchase authentication

Finally, activate the option present in the following menu:

purchase invoice android

To conclude, a more radical technique is to simply put your laptop in airplane mode. When using programs with in-app purchase, provided that the latter does not require an internet connection. Just make sure you don’t need to be available at this time.

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