Signal, WhatsApp's favorite safe alternative to Edward Snowden

Signal, WhatsApp's favorite safe alternative to Edward Snowden

At a time when alternatives to Android messaging applications are jostling at the door, Edward Snowden, the most wanted man by the US authorities who has been granted asylum under the Russian government, found his happiness in Signal Private Messenger. A direct alternative to WhatsApp, but with a security tip that allows its users to change messages in a totally encrypted way. Let's discover!

Signal, Edward Snowden's favorite secure email app

Sometimes, it is not necessary to go for the most customizable alternative of the Play Store, but the most secure. At this early stage, it is besides this kind of solution which séduit more and more the users.

Transparency all levels

Before talking about the functions of the application, you should know that it is free and without micropayment. Who says completely free also says total transparency. For this, the application Signal Private Messenger is queen in the genre since it is Open Source. What can it mean? That the sources of the application are accessible by anyone and any time. That is, no matter how much a developer can take the code to develop his alternative. When we talk about transparency!

private messenger android application 02
Signal is the most secure instant messaging application on Android and iOS. All messages sent by the application are end-to-end encrypted and they do not pass through any server to transit. AndroidPIT

How does it work?

Like WhatsApp or Telegram, the process is the same as the first opening of the application. Thus, Signal asks the user to enter his phone number which will be sent to a secure remote server to check it and send you a validation code to access the application. For security maniacs, your number is simply used for validation purposes, but it is not registered by Signal's servers. Rate it. Short. Signal seems to be the perfect answer to the very popular unsecured WhatsApp.

what functions to expect?

Unlike WhatsApp, Signal Private Messenger is an application that allows both to send messages between contacts of the same application, but also to call and send text messages (SMS) by exploiting mobile networks. Being done in a totally numerical manner, each message received and / or sent is directly encrypted by a system of open source cryptographic protocols, the effectiveness of which is no longer proven.

signal private messenger android application 01
Signal provides cool features and a level of customization quite high its users. AndroidPIT

When it comes to encryption, this usually translates into a slower processing speed, but this is not really the case for the Signal Private Messenger application that is able to deliver your messages in record time. And this, whether one or more people. With customization, the settings allow you to manage the whole flight, including SMS and MMS, notifications, privacy, the theme (between black and white), discussion windows, not to mention the ability to import and download. to export a digit backup or not. A must.

For more information, the publisher's official website remains yours.

Where can I get it?

The Signal Private Messenger app is available for free on Google Play:

  • Version of the app: 3.1.1 (version tests)
  • Size of the app: about 14 MB
  • Compatibility of the app: Android 2.3 or higher
  • Economic model of the app: free without micropayment

Signal Private Messenger
Install on Google Play

Want to extend encryption to calls? Try 'RedPhone' from the same publisher. In any case, we hope that this article will have seen you refer in the best way possible. From now on, the comments are you.

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