Sid Meiers Starships announced: after Civilization in space

Sid Meiers Starships announced: after Civilization in space

Sid Meier, famous American video game designer, is best known for his work on the turn-based strategy game Civilization, whose latest episode, Civilization: Beyond Earth presents itself as the spiritual sequel to Alpha Centauri, a very good game released in the late 90s on PC and Mac.

Sid Meier Starships - 2 Development studio Firaxis Games is currently working on a new game called Sid Meier's Starships. Taking Beyond Earth as the basis in terms of universe, this title will offer take control of a fleet of spacecraft, with a view to exploring the galaxy, protecting planets and their civilizations and creating a federation.

Starships will always present itself as a Turn-based strategy game, scheduled to be released on PC, Mac and iPad in dematerialized format (Steam / Mac App Store / App Store).

Sid Meier spoke about this new production, stressing that his goal is to "Create an experience that focuses on vessel design and combat in a universe filled with interstellar adventures, diplomacy and exploration".

Sid Meier's Starships is slated to be released at spring 2015 on the aforementioned platforms, the exact date remains to be confirmed.

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