Shot on iPhone: the latest promo shot in portrait mode

Shot on iPhone: the latest promo shot in portrait mode

iphone xs iconApple regularly shares videos, as well as short films created by various artists, as part of his Shot on iPhone series, including the recent one in Bolivia where we follow the daily life of The Flying Cholitas .

The latest promo from Apple comes, again and again, to praise the virtues ofiPhone XS as a professional photography tool in the hands of a serious photographer in the person of the photojournalist Christopher Anderson known for his Magnetic portraits .

shotoniphone anderson

iPhone XS: a professional photography tool

Lasting more than 3 minutes, the video is portrait oriented and intended to be viewed on a iPhone, Focuses on the working philosophy ofAnderson giving some advice on what he takes care of to get the perfect photo. At the same time, the latter boasts of the many tools and controls offered by the iPhone XS camera, and the importance of post-processing, especially when adjusting contrast and lighting.

To add color and intrigue, the video also shows a Anderson creative, arguing for simplicity and simplification by playing with different objects and accessories that can create shadows, reflections to define the subjects and obscure the parts of the image that can be annoying: keys, glasses, bottles and mirrors , everything goes there to express different styles.

At the same time, was shooting a video in a vertical format a good idea to promote better photography techniques? or was it just an artistic card, a nod to the Portrait specialist? a could irritate some vidastes not to say "all".