nvidia shield tv mise à jour

Shield TV: Nvidia brings compatibility with Xbox Series X and PS5 controllers

Nvidia is releasing an update for Shield TV. It is numbered 8.2.2. One of the important novelties brought by this one is the compatibility with the controllers of the recent video game consoles, the Xbox Series X of Microsoft and PlayStation 5. This update also brings several 4K channels for MyCanal and the security patch of December 2020.

nvidia shield tv update

Nvidia announces the deployment of an update for the various Shield systems, including the excellent Shield TV 2019, a real little box of digital happiness. This update, numbered 8.2.2, is rich in functional novelty, as well as overall improvement for the operating system. So that’s great news to start the year off right if you are the proud owner of the product.

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First major improvement brought by the update: compatibility with the controllers of next-gen gaming consoles. You can therefore connect an Xbox Series X controller or a PlayStation 5 controller, the famous Dualsense, to the Shield TV. For that it is necessary position your controller in association mode (press and hold the Share button or the Xbox button) so that it appears in the list of devices available on the Shield.

You will be able to use both controllers both with games downloaded from the Play Store (if they include the option), and with cloud gaming services. We think about GeForce Now, of course, but also Microsoft xCloud, arrived on Android last September (if you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) and Remote Play from PlayStation. Without forgetting… Stadia!

Canal + in 4K and security patch for December 2020

Shield update 8.2.2 also includes access to MyCanal 4K streams. The two 4K channels now available are Canal + UHD and Events Channel. Shields also become compatible with the home automation system control4. It is a system that makes it possible to control connected objects in the house. And vice versa: the Control4 app for Android can now control the Shield.

Finally, the update brings some fixes and optimizations to the Shields. It includes the Android security patch dated december 2020. To install the update, go to the settings menu, then system update. And let yourself be guided. Be careful, do not try to apply this update if you have tried the Lineage OS and Android 10 adventure.