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Simple and efficient, Shazam is up to the standards developed for other mobile operating systems. A tool to always have on your smartphone or tablet to always find a piece of music playing on the radio or in the evening and be able to download or buy it then!

Find a song in seconds

00C8000008737314-photo-shazam.jpgShazam has become over the years a must-have app for mobile devices. Indeed, it offers the user to identify in a few seconds a piece of music playing on the radio, in the evening or on television.

In addition to song recognition, the application offers the possibility of rediscovering previously identified songs, purchasing them or sharing them on social networks.

How to do ?

Simplicity is essential because it is enough to click on the central button of Shazam to launch the identification of the current song. Once the song is recognized, several options are available.

The user can listen to the song directly on Google Play Music, Deezer, Spotify or Apple Music, share it on social networks Twitter or Facebook or watch the clip directly on YouTube. In addition, the application provides the lyrics of the songs as well as other albums and songs by the same artist.

And now visual recognition

With its musical experience, the Shazam service also has a visual recognition module, the camera icon allows you to access it. This feature provides the ability to analyze magazines, billboards and other products that feature the Shazam logo. The user is able to access exclusives and augmented reality experiences.