Shazam is updated with a new search function

Shazam is updated with a new search function

Apple has released a new update for the Shazam app, which adds new functionality for content search. Something new too for Shazam Encore.

Shazam is one of the best-known apps in the App Store, acquired by Apple about a year ago. With this application, you can discover the name and artist of any song, simply by using the microphone of the iPhone.

The new update adds the right Find button to the main Shazam screen. It can be used to search for artists, songs and lyrics.

Do you have a song in mind? You can now find an artist or song by pressing the new Search button on the main screen. Don't you remember the title or the name? Try with the words of the text!

The Search button replaces the camera icon presently in the same position, thanks to which it was possible to scan an image with the Shazam logo or a QR Code to discover new content. Since then, the camera function has completely disappeared from the application.

By touching the new search icon, a new dedicated interface will open. You will be able to find and play the songs you want from the artist name, song name or text. Apple Music subscribers will be able to start playing entire music directly from Shazam.

Apple has also updated the Shazam Encore app, which is now free. This app cost 3.29 and was the ad-free version of the app. given that Apple also removed the basic Shazam ads, it didn't make sense to continue having the paid "Encore" version. The two applications are identical and we are surprised that Apple has not yet deleted it.