Sharp: $ 1,000 for the two-screen netbook

Sharp: $ 1,000 for the two-screen netbook

Image 1: Sharp: $ 1,000 for the two-screen netbookSharp announces the Mebius NJ70A. Under this name from elsewhere hides one of the most expensive netbooks on the market. Currently available for pre-order for import to the American continent, it is displayed at $ 999.

An extra screen under your fingers

How does the Japanese manufacturer manage to inflate the bill so much? Simply by installing a 4 inch LCD touch screen (854 x 480 pixels) instead of the touchpad. Compatible with Multitouch, it allows you to zoom and move in a browser or a Word window without using the keyboard.

In addition, it can also be used to navigate between the applications displayed on the Mebius 10-inch main panel. Finally, light photo editing software, a calculator and a few small games are also compatible with the 4-inch touchpad.

A most basic configuration

Image 2: Sharp: $ 1,000 for the two-screen netbookAside from this unusual, but not unique feature (see here), the Mebius does not offer anything extraordinary. It is even an ultra classic netbook. Its processor is the Atom N270 from Intel. It comes with 1 GB of RAM and a 160 GB hard drive. This is the typical configuration, even a little outdated, of a 2009 netbook.

Sharp announces an autonomy of 3 hours for its “netbook. Despite its adequate configuration, the Mebius does not run on Windows XP, but Vista. It will be available on June 5 on order. No date or price for France. Interested parties can always pre-order it at the following link.

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