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Intuitive and in French, the ShareMe application for Android is a simple solution for transferring files between mobile devices via Wi-Fi or mobile access point. However, the available web interface would gain in simplicity if it did not look like a classic FTP, not ideal for browsing on PC. Overall, ShareMe is a handy application that you can download for free.

Known by its old name Mi Drop, ShareMe for Android is a handy application for transferring large files between mobile devices without using the Internet. The app also allows you to connect your Android device to any computer via a web browser and a dedicated file transfer interface.

Steps to send files

To do so, the user must connect to the same wireless network as the other devices and activate geolocation for devices running Android 6.0 or higher. This allows you to find devices with the application nearby. Once the permissions have been accepted, the user can select the “Send” option and select the files and folders of their choice. For simplicity, ShareMe offers an intuitive classification of videos, photos, music and applications.

Once the files have been selected, it suffices to select one of the nearby devices via the QR Code scanner or when the recipient presses the “Receive” button on their ShareMe application. Once the devices are paired, the transfer starts automatically.


Other ways to share

Note that with devices running Android 7.1 or higher, the application can ask for permission to automatically activate the mobile access point of the device. This is handy for allowing other smartphones and computers to connect directly to the Android device via the WebShare function.

Another direct connection to the computer is also available as long as it is on the same network as the Android device. The user can choose between an insecure portable connection or a protected connection with username and password. However, the web interface to open on the PC is more like a classic FTP server and not an Android manager.

A well thought out interface

ShareMe has a clear, intuitive interface, which has been fully translated into French. Discreet advertisements and simple options will undoubtedly appeal to all audiences, beginners and experienced alike.