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SHAREit is an Android app that lets you transfer all types of files from the device to another smartphone or Windows or macOS computer. However, even if the transfers are simple and fast, the application is riddled with pop-up ads and unwanted notifications.

Simply transfer large files

SHAREit is an Android application that offers the possibility of sending and receiving files of all kinds to and from another Android or iOS device as well as with a computer running Windows and macOS. It can thus use either Bluetooth for the connection between device or the same Wi-Fi network or the same mobile access point for transfer with a computer.

How do I send and receive files?

The main window of SHAREit offers to explore its local files, send them or receive files from people nearby. The user can easily send / receive files, videos, applications, photos or music.

The application also has several file sharing modes: “Connection to PC” to exchange files with a macOS or Windows computer via Wi-Fi, “Group sharing” to share files in a group of friends or colleagues as well as a web share to transfer files via a mobile access point.

Too intrusive ad

Although the interface is entirely in French, SHAREit offers far too many unsuspecting ads and suggestions for questionable videos. Whether on screen or in the form of notifications, these advertisements make everything difficult to use on a daily basis.