Shanghai has its Apple Store

Apple Store Shanghai 00

It was this Saturday that the Cupertino company officially opened the doors of its new Apple Store in Shanghai (China). The cylinder of glass welcomed a good number of people who had not hesitated to queue for many hours in order to be among “the first people” to cross the doors of the new building of the firm Apple and to receive, moreover , a superb t-shirt orn of texts that simply let this little sentence show through: “I’m silent”.

In addition, Senior Vice President of Retail Sales Operations Ron Johnson made the trip for this inauguration and did not forget to say a few words:

I travel the world, understand in every Apple store, but I can confirm that the Apple Store in Pudong (Shanghai district) is impressive, it is a perfect store. When Apple chose the Pudong location to open a new store, it was not by chance. The buildings have their own characteristics and we wanted this new building to integrate into the environment. We hope that in the coming years, the Pudong Apple Store can become a landmark among our already existing stores.

As a reminder, the Apple Store in Shanghai is the second representation of the Cupertino company in China. The first Chinese Apple Store was opened in Beijing in July 2008.

Johnson also previously said that China will reach 25 stores by the end of 2012.

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