SFR wants to speed up its 3G + network

SFR activates numbers in 07

Image 1: SFR wants to speed up its 3G + networkSFR wants to experiment with an increase in the capacity of its 3G + network in several French cities. Throughput could thus rise to 21 mbit / s by the end of the year in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

Up to 21 mbit / s

SFR currently offers a maximum speed of 14.4 mbit / s in 3G + in the three major French cities. By testing the combination of optical fiber and the HSPA + standard, SFR therefore hopes to increase its speed to 21 mbit / s, and even aims at 28 mbit / s maximum.

Paris, Lyon and Marseille are not the only cities affected by an increase in speed, however. The operator wants to improve the connection of several cities such as Grenoble, Toulon, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lille, Lens-Douai and even Strasbourg. Currently at 7.2 mbit / s, these cities would then increase to 14.4 mbit / s.