SFR once again increases the bill for RED subscribers by € 3 per month

SFR continues to inflate the rating of RED subscribers. This time, the price increase affects several offers. Best of all, it is impossible to refuse these prices, unless you terminate your contract. Take it or leave it as they say.

sfr red increase
Credits: SFR

Discreetly or forcefully increasing the prices of packages are unfortunately far too fashionable, especially at SFR. This is not the first time that the operator has found himself in the sights of consumer defense associations. In January 2020, the UFC Que Choisir denounced a new hidden increase of € 3 per month, via the discreet addition of a cybersecurity option to a large number of packages.

In September 2020, it’s the same story. SFR increases the prices of RED packages by 80%, in exchange for 10 GB of additional mobile data. No way to decline this offer and keep your current offer. However, on this Monday, December 7, 2020, the operator in the red square repeats.

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€ 3 more per month, and you have no choice

More gigas in your new offer ”, can we read in an email sent to some RED by SFR customers this Monday morning. More gigas, but a more expensive bill, up to 3 € additional per month. This increase concerns several offers. By way of example, the 30GB / month formula at € 10 therefore changes to 13 € for 50GB / month.

This increase will be applied from the month of January 2021whether you like it or not. It is indeed impossible to refuse this new offer, whether from your customer area, from the email sent by SFR, or the operator’s after-sales service. The only possible option is to cancel your subscription.

Note that under the Consumer Code, you can terminate your subscription free of charge and without paying the remaining contractual months during the four months following a change of contract. This is the case here. Although this practice is morally wrong, SFR is within its rights. The operator can increase its prices, provided that it warns its customers one month in advance and that this increase only concerns telecom-related services (unlimited SMS or MMS, more data, etc.). The company cannot under any circumstances impose options that do not fall within this area (option for Deezer, Spotify, Netflix or other for example).

Source: SFR