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SFR deploys its new price list: the commitment is back

The takeover of SFR by Numéricâble is now becoming a little more concrete for subscribers to mobile services: the operator's price list is changing.

SFR Starter First of all, we note that the offers are different from what a few leaks presented several days ago, but on the whole the spirit is there: SFR highlights the commitment of the subscriber and offers an offer less clear, and often more expensive.

The RED offer thus becomes "RED by SFR", an offer only available on the Internet and no longer at physical stores. On this side, there is no change either in the prices or in the options offered with each package with prices ranging from SFR Power Premium 4.99 euros to 25.99 euros per month, all without obligation.

It is at the level of the square offer replacements that the bulk of the change operates, with three new ranges of products stamped Starter, Power and Premium.

Here, regardless of the range and the price, the 12-month commitment is compulsory.

The Starter offer ranges from 9.99 euros per month to 24.99 euros and focuses on an offer focused on telephony, the highest data plan not exceeding 1GB, but including unlimited calls. Each package benefits from unlimited SMS and MMS in France, and the prices therefore remain unchanged compared to previous equivalent square offers.

The price increases are concentrated in the Power and Premium ranges, with an average euro. Here again, the one-year commitment is essential. Each of the two packs is available in two versions integrating more or less Data volume and playing on roaming (Europe for Power plans, International for Premium plans).

Prices range from 33.99 euros to 129.99 euros per month with data from 5 to 20 GB, each package including unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.