SFR authorizes offline VOD on mobile

SFR authorizes offline VOD on mobile

Image 1: SFR authorizes offline VOD on mobile

The Internet service providers offer with their offers catalogs of VOD often quite dense. For some, like SFR, this catalog can be operated from a device other than its television, in this case thanks to the application SFR TV. On a smartphone or a tablet (Android and iOS), it is therefore the more than 10,000 content that can be viewed.

Until then, the only way to profit was to benefit from a Internet connection, the videos being broadcast only in streaming. This is not really simple, since we do not always have a sufficiently efficient connection when we have time to watch an episode of a series.

The operator then decided to simplify life for its users, especially those who take advantage of their trips to enjoy their content. A way ” offline “ now allows to store in advance on the phone where the Tablet several films or series of your choice, so you can watch them later, without any connection.

The content can be stored up to thirty days on the device, but it must be viewed within 48 hours after the start of the rental as such. Only, it is necessary to be connected to trigger this last action, but it is clearly not the most restrictive part. It should also be noted that all VOD stores are not accessible ” offline “, like CanalPlay or M6.