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Security on Mac OS X: choose an antivirus!

Evolution virus Mac - Sécurité sur Mac OS X : optez pour un antivirus !

Today owning a computer Mac is no longer enough to be fully protected against the viruses that invade the internet every day. The increase in computer users Apple such as MacBook and iMac (8.34% of the OS market share, against only 2.84% in 2000) unfortunately pushed hackers to develop more and more viruses, trojans and other malware compatible with OS X?

Even more worrying, some of these threats are exclusively reserved for the Apple OS, such as the Flashback TROJAN which infected more than 500,000 Macs worldwide in 2012. Zero risk therefore does not exist. Fortunately, some companies offer antivirus dedicated to Mac OS X to guarantee absolute security: this is the case for example of?ESET.

Evolution Mac virus - Security on Mac OS X: choose an antivirus!

The 2014 edition of ESET Cyber ??Security Pro antivirus is THE internet security solution dedicated to Mac OS. Based on NOD32 technology, the most reliable detection engine on the market, it guarantees total protection against all threats and attempts to steal data.

Without slowing down your computer, ESET Cyber ??Security Pro integrates many additional features such as parental control which protects your children from inappropriate content on the web or the firewall securing the network and stopping any external intrusion by hackers.

ESET Cyber ??Security Pro 2014 - Security on Mac OS X: choose an antivirus!

In its latest version, it offers protection against attempts to steal personal information via false sites (phishing), scanning interactions on social networks (Facebook and Twitter) or even enhanced proactive detection, especially on networks. public wi-fi.

Of course, ESET Cyber ??Security Pro in its 2014 edition is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. If you believe that it is high time to protect yourself from the dangers of the web, you can test the antivirus for free for 30 days by going to this address.3eb620d356a426c0 - Security on Mac OS X: choose an antivirus!