Apple satellites

"secret team" works on satellites to transmit data directly to iPhone

Apple is believed to have a research team dedicated to finding new ways to transmit data such as Internet connectivity directly to iPhones and other devices, reports Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

Apple satellites

According to the report, Apple’s primary goal is to transmit data to the iPhone, which reduces dependence on wireless managers or the connection of devices without a traditional network, thereby mitigating coverage issues. Apple could also explore satellites for more precise location tracking of its devices, allowing better location and new features.

Tim Cook has reportedly made the project a priority for the company. And it is said that Apple will increase its recruitments, hoping that the initiative will produce results within five years.

In 2017, Bloomberg reported that Apple had hired two former Google executives who worked on satellites. What the two would do at Apple was unclear, but Bloomberg speculated that they were working on image collection and communications satellites