Search for Sarkozy on your iPhone or iPad

Search for Sarkozy on your iPhone or iPad

The application “O is Sarko?” made a note in the free downloads for iPhone and iPad last week.

It is as if a parent lost their child during St. Nicholas, less languor. The crowd is dense, everyone looks the same and the object of our research is of reasonable size. Where's Sarko? – a book first, an iPhone and tablet application now – takes up the principle of the famous O est Charlie ?, by Martin Handford.

In the cult album, you have to find a tall brown man in a striped sweater among a mass of drawn people and things. In his spin imagined by Albert Algoud, Pascal Fioretto and Herl, it is a little president who hides. Among the Roma, the beach, at the Stade de France or Colombey-les-deux-Eglises. For each scene, time is counted and a note specifies the context, generally in vitriol. Ambient sounds and music accompany the quest for the omnipresident, which can appear simultaneously in one place. Four times the hospice for example. Most often, Nicolas Sarkozy is alone, more rarely he is accompanied by Carla, a guitar in hand. The player can obviously zoom, but not too much. For once the French head of state is discreet.

Download the application O is Sarko? on the App Store (0.79).

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( Caroline Stevan )