Search Engines: It’s Not Just Google!

The all-powerful Google engine isn’t the only way to explore the internet. Other engines exist and are sometimes more suited to your needs.

The search engine is a website or an application accessible when you launch your Internet browser Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. It is often installed on the main home page of your browser in order to simplify your navigation.

The engine allows you to find information on the web according to the words you enter in the search box. The results that appear are displayed according to criteria specific to each engine. According to a 2015 StatCounter study, 90.35% of global search engine queries were made on Google, 3.7% on Bing and 2.9% on Yahoo. Himself, Google manages more than 3 billion requests per day.

Changing search engine can sometimes broaden the spectrum of results and take advantage of other features. Here are three to try at home:


Launched in 2013, the search engine Qwant is French. It promises not to save the search histories of its users and thus guarantee their privacy. The results pages are very rich, sorted in columns by categories, web, news or social networks with the results in images displayed at the top. This organization offers a good overview. Also available in a junior version for 6-12 year olds to discover when your grandchildren are there.

The +: the ability to customize your home page after registering


Bing is already installed on most PC computers sold on the market. Launched in 2011 in France, it has partnered with brands in France such as BNF and Pages Jaunes. From the home page the colorful presentation surprises. The engine encourages virtual strolling.At the bottom right appear the most searched keywords of the news to be able to update in a few clicks. From the home page you also access the sub-categories: videos, images, news … Once the search words have been entered in the search bar, you click and you arrive on the results page, with the choice immediately available. sorting by language or country. On the right, additional information is offered to refine your request.

The +: its very pleasant design and ergonomics, with a beautiful photo linked to the news of the day.


The eternal challenger that survives is more than a search engine, it is a large information portal, specializing in news, sport, finance, lifestyle.

Its integrated search bar is developed in partnership with Bing and will offer similar results but in a very different skin. You can keep you informed in just a few clicks, surf news in sports, finance, people, cinema or access the trends and videos of the day. Yahoo also offers an email service and an integrated photo editor to manage and store your photos.

The +: a very good menu of Questions / Answers that will pique your curiosity