Seagate contest turns into computer pugilat

Seagate contest turns into computer pugilat

Image 1: A Seagate contest turns into a computer fist

Update 5:00 p.m .: After confirming the information, Seagate then told us that it is actually a fake. The next time you have the opportunity to earn a hard drive, think twice before jumping on your computer with both feet.

In the USA, Seagate organized a contest allowing internet users to win a hard drive Momentus (a model equipped with an SSD as a cache, to accelerate its operating speed). To win it, you had to send a video showing how slow his machine was. Users then went above and beyond to produce videos whose initial subject was often a little forgotten.

With great blows chain saw, of drill, of mass or even in a barbecue, the poor machines were literally massacred by their users. Seagate then decided to group together in the same video different extracts from the ill-treatment imposed on the machines.

The brand is left with what to make a good advertising campaign, but before so many excesses decided to stop the contest altogether. No winner, therefore, but some fine examples not to be reproduced at home and a massacre of PCs victims of the overflowing imagination of their owners.

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