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Scrabble GO1.21.2

Rich in content and easy to use, Scrabble GO is a very good Android game for playing against friends and people from around the world in several game modes. The lifespan is substantial and the game finally allows you to have a version faithful to the game with a powerful dictionary to support it. Only downsides, too many advertisements and parties of only 2 people at the moment.

The original Scrabble in solo and multi

Scrabble GO is a free game for Android 5.0 or higher, developed by Scopely with the support of Mattel and Hasbro. This Android game uses the rules of the essential word game: each person draws 7 letters and must compose words on a board with bonuses in order to accumulate as many points as possible. Each letter has a number of points according to its rarity, the E being worth 1 point, the Z brings back 10.Scrabble GO
The game Scrabble Go offers two game modes taking the board, the dictionary and the rules of the traditional Scrabble game, the first is the mode Classic without bonus and closer to the plateau experience while the bonus mode is called soberly Scrabble. In both cases, the games are without timer or time limit, but are only between two people, the 3 or 4 games are not yet available.

If it is possible to play against people from all over the world, the game offers to connect via your Facebook account, ideal for tracking your progress on several devices, or via a guest account which is limited to a single device. If you use Facebook, it is possible to play against friends and contacts in their directory if synchronization is authorized by the user.

Many game modes and tournaments

Besides the classic Scrabble, Scrabble GO has several game modes and tournaments available regularly and which give rise to a classification with numerous rewards:

– The Duels are duet games in which each person has 5 rounds to register as many points as possible to win the game. World drop consists of assembling the most words in the allotted time from a tray of tens of letters. The assembly can be done between adjacent and diagonal tiles. Tumbler is a fast-paced solo game mode in which you have to find as many words as possible from a set of 6 letters that are renewed as you go. Rush is a single player mode in which you have to have the most words on a board of 11×11 boxes in a given time and number of turns.

Scrabble GO

A game well supplied with content

Besides the many game modes, Scrabble GO offers a collection and customization of tiles. The game offers chests with ingredients to make new tiles with each level crossing. This function is simply aesthetic, but will delight skin fans.

Another asset in his pocket, the game has a league system ranging from Beginner to Emerald with an accession / relegation system as well as numerous rewards. In the same vein, detailed statistics are accessible after a certain level and provide an overview of its performance.

Scrabble GO

Its grip

It is clear that Scrabble GO is an excellent game that can entertain all generations for long hours. The menus are a bit crowded and confusing at first, but are still simple to handle and available in French. It is possible to play without time limitation, however the numerous pop-up or screen advertisements can be tiresome in the long run.

To get rid of ads and take advantage of various advantages, the game offers a paid subscription at 5.49 € / month with a 7-day trial version which still requires a subscription and then a termination.