Samsung's next Gear smartwatch will be round

Samsung's next Gear smartwatch will be round

Samsung Gear round

Samsung has been preparing a replacement for its Gear smartwatch for a few months, and this time, the connected watch should adopt a rounded design.

Samsung's next Gear smartwatch will be round. It is a press release retrieved in advance by Android Central which shares the information.

Samsung gear round 1 "width =" 250 "height =" 309 Announcing the upcoming release of the SDK of the next Samsung Gear watch, the press release is accompanied by visuals offering a display in the form of discs.

It must be said that despite an anticipated foray into the smartwatches market, Samsung found that its main competitors opting for a round display sold more easily than its own watches.

And the trend quickly spread with the Android Wear platform, with smart watches more widely opting for a traditional style.

With the release of the Apple Watch, Samsung would also need to stand out from Apple by offering a watch with a clearly different design in order to avoid comparisons.