Samsung’s foldable smartphone: a presentation this week?

Samsung's foldable smartphone: a presentation this week?

Image 1: Samsung's foldable smartphone: a presentation this week?

Samsung no longer keeps it a secret, their foldable smartphone (code name Galaxy F or SM-F900 depending on sources) is expected to be presented at the developer conference starting tomorrow in San Francisco.

>> The Samsung Galaxy S10 could integrate a Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint readerThe new profile photos posted on the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts (the Samsung logo folded in half) leave little room for doubt: new smartphone to be announced at developer conference to be held this week. I have to say that FlexPai’s release last week has cut the grass somewhat under the feet of the Korean manufacturer and Huawei. They had been fighting a long-distance battle over who would be the first to sell this revolutionary smartphone, and Royole has everyone agreed with a device certainly poorly sided, but still first in its category.

According to the rumor, the dimensions of the Galaxy F should be more or less identical to those of the FlexPai, with a 7.3 inch interior screen about. For Samsung, even if the device will be presented at the conference, there will be no question of marketing it in 2018. The time is still to tweak the gadget, since it is now a question of offering a well finished device. The first tests of the FlexPai indeed reveal that although functional, this smartphone is neither beautiful nor well roughed up. The foldable smartphone, this gadget, which we have been waiting for almost ten years now, is about to surge in droves in our stores. In addition to Samsung, many phone manufacturers intend to market it in 2019. It is a novelty that the industry is more than ever impatient to offer to the general public, as it seems to be tired of the current offer, as evidenced by the slowdown in sales.

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