Samsung would launch a latest Galaxy Note before dropping the range

Samsung is reportedly preparing to abandon the Galaxy Note range. Before burying the famous phablets, the South Korean manufacturer would launch an ultimate model on the market, the Galaxy Note 21. This latest representative of the range would be unveiled during the second half of 2021. Then, the Note would give way to Galaxy Z Fold with foldable screen.

note 20 ultra
Credit: Samsung

For several months, a bundle of concordant rumors affirm that Samsung aims to abandon the range of Galaxy Note, inaugurated in 2011. The giant of Seoul would like merge Galaxy Note with Galaxy S. With this in mind, the Galaxy S21 Ultra should be compatible with the S-Pen stylus, so far the prerogative of the Galaxy Note. However, the accessory will not be included in the box. It will need to be purchased separately.

According to a new report from ETNews, Samsung to begin phasing out Galaxy Note next year. But, contrary to the latest rumors, there would be a Galaxy Note 21 in 2021. The smartphone would put an end to the range.

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Samsung to replace Galaxy Note with Galaxy Z Fold

“It is likely that there will only be one model of the new Note range scheduled for release in the second half of 2021” a source close to the industry tells ETNews. Rather than launch a Galaxy Note 21 and Note 21 Ultra, Samsung would be satisfied with a single variant.

To compensate for the abandonment of the Note, Samsung would bet everything on foldable smartphones. “Samsung Electronics will focus more on foldable smartphones rather than its next Note series in the second half of 2021” specifies the source. Moreover, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, expected in the course of next summer, should be equipped with the S-Pen stylus.

Under these conditions, we imagine that the firm could only launch an affordable standard variant of the Note 21 so as not to cannibalize its high-end foldable smartphones. While waiting for official information on the subject, we invite you to take all this with hindsight. Rumors that Samsung is going to get rid of the Galaxy Note are not new. We’ll tell you more as soon as possible.

Source: ETNews