Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung would eventually replace the Galaxy Note 21 with a Note 20 FE

New information indicates that the Galaxy Note 21 is actually a Galaxy Note 20. This revelation follows a succession of contradictory statements vis-à-vis the smartphone. Samsung could indeed decide not to renew its range, the Galaxy S21 Ultra supporting the S-Pen style.

Samsung galaxy note 20
The Galaxy Note 20 / Credits: Unsplash

Will, will not… The revelations about a potential Galaxy Note 21 follow one another and are not alike. Galaxy S21 Ultra supporting S-Pen stylus, future of Note line does not look good. Some did not hesitate to say that the next model on the list would never see the light of day. As users slowly lost hope, a Samsung spokesperson confirmed that a Galaxy Note would be released in 2021. Renowned leaker Ross Young revealed a bit more about the phone.

According to him, Samsung plans to replace the Galaxy Note 21 with another model. “There won’t be a Note 21, but we could see a Note 20 FE…” he wrote on Twitter. The Korean firm could thus release a “Lite” version of the latest Galaxy Note to date, probably sold at a lower price. Ross Youg also added that “The lack of Note 21 means the Galaxy S21 will be sold at a higher volume and for a longer period of time, and could overtake the Galaxy S20”. The Galaxy S21 has indeed recorded 20% more pre-orders compared to the S20.

The Galaxy Note 20 FE would take the place of the Note 21

If we refer to Samsung’s habits regarding the launch of its Fan Edition models, it is very difficult to predict when this Galaxy Note 20 FE could be released. The Galaxy S20 Fe was indeed released in October 2020, six months after its standard version. A period that we have not for example found on the Galaxy S10 Lite, released 11 months after the standard release.

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According to reports, the Galaxy Note 21 is the first Samsung to hide the selfie sensor under the screen. We could therefore see this innovation finally arrive on the FE version of the Note 20. But it’s time for hypotheses, as Samsung remains discreet on the subject. We are therefore waiting for a more precise announcement from the firm on this next very mysterious Galaxy Note.