Samsung works on a phone without a notch and actually in full screen

Image 1 : Samsung travaille sur un téléphone sans encoche et réellement en plein écran

Image 1: Samsung is working on a phone without a notch and actually in full screen

Samsung has just confirmed it: the South Korean manufacturer wants to install the smartphone’s photo sensor under the screen, so that the screen is as wide as possible. The sensor would be invisible when not in use.

The manufacturer thus wishes to provide a full screen experience. His next smartphone would not have a hole or a notch. Yang Byung-duk, vice-president of the research and development division, broached the subject last April. The company would achieve its goal by placing all sensors under the screen.

Samsung would offer a unique experience

The sensor and the screen would work together. The camera would become invisible when not in use. A similar situation occurs with fingerprint readers located under the panel. We don’t even notice their presence.

Another piece of information caught the eye of observers. Samsung has filed a patent application with the US authorities. It concerns a special screen which extends to the back of the phone. Such a configuration would offer several advantages, starting with really full screen viewing.

Selfie lovers could take a photo with the main sensor. Chat, live translation and access to two simultaneous applications would also be possible. For example, you could write a message while talking to someone. Case to follow very closely, therefore.

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