Samsung won't be able to see iPhone 5 and iPad 3

Samsung won't be able to see iPhone 5 and iPad 3

Another victory in the legal battle between Apple and its competitor Samsung. The Court of Justice of San Jos (California), represented by one of its judges, Lucy Koh, rejected the request of Samsung to be able to access the next generation of the iPhone (iPhone 4S or iPhone 5) and the iPad 3 .

"If Samsung had asked to access Apple's products along the lines discussed at the hearing, the Court would have granted the request", indicates the 11-page judgment order. "However, in view of the fact that Samsung did not prepare this request in the light of this motion, the Court cannot grant this request. In any case, it seems that Apple can be ready to provide elements and this, without the need to involve the Court ”, concludes the judgment.

As a reminder, Apple filed a complaint against Samsung, claiming smartphones and Galaxy Tab of South Korean electronics glove copied iPhone and iPad San Jos court had given a favorable judgment Apple allowing it to now have access to future Samsung products.

Builder Coren was quick to react by filing a complaint for his part by accusing the Cupertino company of plagiarism and also asked for access to future products of the firm branded apple.

A few days ago, the court of justice of San Jos suggests both parties to try to find an amicable settlement. The legal representatives of the Cupertino company have recently visited Samsung premises to try to reach an agreement.

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(Via Apple Insider )