Samsung unveils its future foldable smartphone

Samsung unveils its future foldable smartphone

Image 1: Samsung unveils its future foldable smartphone

As expected, Samsung unveiled a foldable smartphone at the developer conference in San Francisco yesterday. This new technology, called Infinity Flex Display, should be on the market next year.

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This is Justin Denison, Vice President of Marketing mobile products from the Korean giant, which took charge of presenting the device, in a semi-darkness used to hide the details of the design of the device. According to the manager, Infinity Flex screens represent “the future of display technologies and the foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow”. In less marketing terms, Infinity Flex is a 7.3 inch flexible screen (with a resolution of 1536 × 2152 px) when open, and when folded, a screen of 4.6 inches with a form factor of 21: 9 and a resolution of 840 x 1960 px for a density of 420 dpi, can be used outdoors. The company had to design new materials to meet the flexibility and durability requirements of Infinity Flex technology. She thus created a material that is both “flexible and solid” that will replace glass normally used to cover the surface of the brand’s smartphones.

Mr Denison adds in passing that the screen will be 45% thinner than usual. Such a change of interface will obviously lead to an ergonomic change, and this will translate to the software level. Samsung has therefore partnered with Google to design a new software platform that will support two simultaneous user interfaces which will allow you to go from one screen to another without interruption. The marketing of this new device is not, however, immediately, the mass production of this new type of smartphone should not, according to the company, begin only in the months to come.

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