Samsung to test camera behind screen

Samsung to test camera behind screen

With or without notch? This is the question that had to be asked by the vast majority of smartphone manufacturers in 2018. If they all started to adopt the notch, which allows to offer phones with ever thinner edges while still implementing more cameras, Samsung has not really followed this trend, sometimes even mocking openly other manufacturers.

Image 1: Samsung would test a camera behind the screen

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The edges of smartphones from Samsung are generally a little thicker than the average, just to host the camera modules without having to use a notch. The manufacturer would still like to refine its devices, and to believe the tweet from SamsungMobileNews, the South Korean company is currently designing a selfie camera hidden directly behind the screen of its devices.

This kind of camera behind the screen should not be integrated into our devices until 2020, but the days already seem counted for the notch. Even if this prototype never sees the light of day, note that manufacturers, such asOppo with its Find X, have found clever ways to offer screens without using this notch.

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