Samsung to meet Apple today - Belgium-iPhone

Samsung to meet Apple today – Belgium-iPhone

It is today that the leaders of Samsung and Apple will meet to try to find a compromise on patent infringements. For the California court, the case is all too hard. The state demands that the two companies find a compromise, which could take the form of cross-licensing.

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, will meet Choi Gee-sung, the CEO of the Korean company, to openly discuss the patent war between the two companies paradoxically associated in the production of iDevices. The two leaders will be accompanied by their legal advisers and will aim to reach an agreement.

Ordered by the court of California, the meeting aims to find a solution to the problem so that the two companies stop shooting each other in the legs and reach an agreement that would settle the different ones. If this agreement comes to fruition, it should take the form of cross-licensing, that is, regular financial settlements of the patent rights of the two companies. Remain present to see which of the two manufacturers will be the best for this little game …

For JK Shin, manager of the firm, There is a big gap between us in our patent battle but we still have various negotiation options, including cross-licensing.

Of the two companies, it is of course Samsung that has the most interest in reaching an agreement, insofar as the company supplies many components of Apple's devices, and could see some deals elude it if it continues to get along. In theory therefore, Samsung should be the company that will accept more than its partner and will have to pay … But given the tumultuous relationship of the partners, to say the least, it is difficult to say if this will indeed be the case.

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(Source: 9to5mac)